Moomin Mugs

This page catalogs every single Moomin mug that uses the Arabia Teema design.

The mugs are ordered by release year. Seasonal editions are starred.

Other resources:

Moomin mugs price list by Moominmania. It’s in Finnish but naturally anyone interested enough in Moomin mugs to seek out pricing info will have made the effort to learn Finnish.

5 thoughts on “Moomin Mugs”

  1. Hi
    do you also sell the cups? I am interessted in the summer cup 2008 (on the beach) and the wintercup 2012.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    1. Great overview.

      I own a lot of them too. Its hard to collect the older once …
      Prices are going up sky-high at the moment.

      @Kirsten isn’t the winter 2012 mug for sale anymore in the store or online? Normal store price should be 25 euro’s

    2. Hi,
      Great website.
      I tried the suggested website for a price on a mug and wasn’t really quite sure of the value. Do you know how many Arabia Finland Millenium 2000 were made? and how much the mug is worth? I received it as a present years ago (1999!) and have kept it wrapped ever since.

  2. Really good page. One you might have missed or haven’t been aware off is the stockmann 150 edition moomin mugg. Limited edition sold in september 2012

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