Crofton Kitchen comes alive in February

Mushroom PizzaPutting our pizza where your mouth is.

We’re taking part in Restaurant Day on 17 February 2013. Restaurant Day is an event or movement that started in Finland a few years ago. It’s a day when normal people who love food open their own restaurant. It’s also a bit of an antithesis against Finnish culture of doing things by the book and respecting the authority as most of the restaurants don’t have a licence to serve food. Go civil disobedience!

We’ll be making pizzas using an Uuni oven. This will be the first time public will be able to taste pizzas made with it. In case you haven’t heard about Uuni before, it’s a small, fast and affordable wood-fired pizza oven that I have developed. We’ve sold 91 of them via Kickstarter and they’re going into production this spring. You should visit for more information and subscribe to our mailing list to learn when it’s available.

Menu? Here’s what I’m thinking:

Tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil

Diablo III
Three sausages and jalapeƱos

Poro Pizza
Reindeer sausage, gherkin and spring onion

Mushroom and mozzarella (optional jalapeƱo)

Dessert cakes TBC

I’m very excited about this, I’ve wanted to do a pop-up restaurant the last few times during Restaurant Day but there’s always been something in the way. If you’d like to come, booking is highly recommended. Booking is free and it’ll guarantee you a seat. Book here. Hope to see you next month!