Sextet of Cakes

Past weekend we had a naming party for our now 15-week-old boy, Oskari. For the party we decided to make 6 cakes spelling his name. See below for the result. Some of the recipes are already here on Crofton Tales, rest will follow in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

There’s two reasons for going with Gotham as the font. 1) it has a perfectly round capital O and 2) it has plenty of straight edges that are easy to cut. Other matters influencing the choice were that this font saw a lot of use in Obamas campaign posters. Name of the font, Gotham, also reminds us of Batman, the one and only true super hero. Not a bad crowd to be associated with.

Making the letters turned out to be pretty easy. I bought two new silicon bases from Sainsbury’s, one square (21 by 21 cm) and one round (21 cm in diameter). I used the O as size guide and printed templates of the letters on A4 sheets. Then it was just a matter of cutting them out once the cakes had cooled down.

It’s worth a mention that most of the off cuts never made it to the party.

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